“To Improve and add value to the livelihoods of all Sierra Leoneans.”

The Vision of Rebuild Sierra Leone is to improve and add value to the livelihoods of all Sierra Leoneans.

As Rebuild Sierra Leone, we do not want to just build a school, a clinic or provide clean water. We are focused on getting people out of poverty. We realize that the local people have to do it themselves. In the end they are the ones that have to work for it. Therefore we can only guide, motivate, convince and help them make a good start.

Rebuild Sierra Leone wants to help the people of Sierra Leone to get out of extreme poverty. For that reason RSL focuses on providing basic human utilities and facilities. And secondly, we will help people restart their local economy by helping local industries and by creating new industries.

Our Long Term Goals

  1. To help to develop the Kono District of Sierra Leone to a level where the local communities have easy acces to the basic human needs without relying on foreign aid. The district is able to provide and sustain these basic needs by itself. The basic human needs are:
  • education
  • food
  • drinking water
  • a house to live in
  • basic healthcare
  • electricity
  • internet
  • a job

2. To inspire and accelerate Sierra Leonians to rebuild and improve the whole of Sierra Leone.

3. To educate the people of Sierra Leone with the knowledge and mentality needed for maintaining this new improved livelihood.


Rebuild Sierra Leone is a private initiative of Peter (Sierra Leonian) and Jelco (Dutch).

Through Peter, RSL has very strong connections with local people in and near Freetown, Waterloo and Koidu Town.

RSL has just started. So its organzation is still small.

Stichting Rebuild Sierra Leone is a Dutch registered non-profit organization since 2017.

Peter Komba Morsay


RSL founder Peter Komba Morsay is a native born Sierra Leonean who now lives in The Netherlands. His desire for the organization is to help the helpless children and poor Sierra Leoneans by giving them the right to live better lives and ushering them out of extreme poverty.

Jelco Jousma

Treasurer & Secretary

In February 2016 Jelco started to help Peter with the school in Koakoyima. In August 2016 he visited Sierra Leone for the first time. 


Currently RSL is looking for Partners that are willing and able to support our projects.

Annual Report

By the end of 2018 our first annual report will be uploaded here.


Q. Where are you active in Sierra Leone?

A. We have started in Koakoyima near Koidu Town. This is the area we are focusing on first.

Q. In what areas is RSL working?

A. Currently we are working in the area of education. In the near future Rebuild Sierra Leone wants to start projects in agriculture and drinking water. 

Q. How will I know where my money goes to?

A. First of all you can check the projects itself. See how they are changing and growing. Secondly the Annual Report will give an overview on how money is spend per project. If the information on this website or our social media is not enough, you are free to contact us for more detailed information.


Want to see more? Know more?

Check our social media for more pictures and videos. On facebook we will keep you posted with the smaller updates and notions of our projects and events.

Support Us

We are currently raising funds for a 6 classroom building.

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