What we do

What We Do

Rebuild Sierra Leone aims to compliment the rebuilding of the country of Sierra Leone. RSL works on improving education, employment, healthcare, clean drinking water and foodsecurity. 

Since this is a very big and broad working field, RSL focusses on one of these needs at a time. The first one is education. We have started in Koakoyima, Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono District in the far east of the country where development done by the national government is low.

Slowly but steadily we will rebuild a local community at a time. RSL will help the people of Sierra Leone to rebuild their lifelihoods by providing the basic human needs and by helping them to start their own local businesses and regional industries.

In all our projects RSL works very close together with the local people. By listening to them RSL is able to make a sustainable plan that works for that specific community.

Our Approach

  1. Discover an urgent human need in the local community.
  2. Figure out a sustainable solution through close cooperation with the local people.
  3. Raise funds for one time material investments.
  4. Build/provide the starting materials.
  5. Guide the transition to self reliance.
  6. Use the self reliant systems to (help) fund the next development project in the community.
  7. Continue with the next project. 
  8. Slowly branch out to the surrounding areas within the Kono District. 

Our Goals

  • To have a self reliant primary school in Koakoyima with space for 30 pupils per classroom by 2020.
  • To have had a three successive harvests that have increased in amount compared to the harvest before by 2020. 


Rebuild Sierra Leone has planned many projects for the comming years. On our project page you can find an overview of all our projects. The general plan for each project can be viewed on the respective project page. For the detailed project plan you can contact us at info@rebuildsl.org. 

The main focuspoint for our projects in 2015-2020 is education. 


To raise funds RSL organizes events. For example a dinner party where u may taste many different african dishes or a concert with Gospel music. 

Support Us

We are currently raising funds for a 6 classroom building.

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